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A fishcake (sometimes written as fish cake) is a culinary dish consisting of filleted fish or other seafood minced or ground, mixed with a starchy food, and fried.


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A oblong fishcake (sometimes written as oblong fishcake) is a culinary dish consisting of filleted fish or other seafood minced or ground, mixed with a starchy food, and fried.

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Fish balls are a dish in China, notably popular in southern China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iceland and Taiwan, as well as in parts of Southeast Asia among the overseas Chinese communities. They are made with fish paste and boiled in a soupy broth, or deep fried. They are also common in Nordic countries.


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Thai garlic is prevalent in many of Thailand's favourite dishes. Garlic is very closely related to leeks, chives, onions and shallots. It is very popular for medicinal purposes as well as culinary. Garlic has a very pungent smell but this is replaced by a sweet and spicy taste when it is cooked.


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Telang flowers are edible when fresh and can be added to salads or dipped in batter and fried, but they are more popularly steeped in boiling water to extract a deep indigo coloring. The blue mixture can then be added when cooking rice to create a blue-hued dish, or it can be used with coconut milk to color dessert bars, dumplings, and cakes. 


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Carrots have among the highest beta-carotene (provitamin A) level found in vegetables, which gives them the bright orange colour. B-carotene has antioxidant properties that help neutralise potentially health damaging free radicals. The deeper the carrot colour, generally the more carotene, which is broken down during digestion to vitamin A. Purple carrots contain anthocyanin, another antioxidant with health benefits.


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Is oyster mushroom good for health? Oyster mushroom is the rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and other antioxidants like selenium protect body cells from damage that might lead to chronic diseases and help to strengthen the immune system. Oyster mushroom is low in calories, fat free Cholesterol free, Gluten free and very low in sodium.
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Is red chilli good for health?

Rich source of Vitamin C: Red chillies are jam-packed with Vitamin C that helps in supporting the immune system and combat chronic diseases. Prevents heart ailments: There are very powerful antioxidants in red chilli that help in clearing blockages in blood vessels and arteries.


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Shiitake mushrooms contain eritadenine, a compound known to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. They also contain beta-glucans that reduce inflammation and help prevent the intestines from absorbing cholesterol. Support immune health. Shiitake are rich in polysaccharides like lentinans and other beta-glucans.

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What is butternut pumpkin good for?

It's a good source of fiber.

Foods high in dietary fiber can help keep your weight in balance and lower your cancer risk. Research shows that butternut squash can help reduce your risk of colorectal cancer, in particular.


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Is Japanese pumpkin healthy?

Kabocha Squash is much loved by the Japanese, not just its flavor, but also its numerous health benefits. ... An excellent source of beta-carotene, which is great for immunity, healthy skin, hair, and eyes. Rich in iron, Vitamin C, and some B vitamins.

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Egypt pomegranate

The pomegranate (Punica Granatum) was among the fruits known to the Egyptians. Proof of its cultivation in ancient Egypt only dates back to the 18th Dynasty. It is said to have originated in the eastern Mediterranean region. Not only were pomegranates used as edible fruits, but they also served other purposes.

Arizona Sweet Tea

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Sit back and imagine yourself relaxing on a picture perfect porch for this one. AriZona Sweet Tea delivers the nostalgic homemade taste of southern style iced tea with just the right amount of sweetness.