Coca Cola 1.5L

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Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Universally loved, Coca-Cola is available in several variants, including no-calorie options.


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Sprite is the world's leading lemonlime flavoured soft drink that contains 100% natural flavours.  Thirst quenching and refreshing with a clean, crisp lemonlime taste.

Perfect for enjoying on the go, with a meal or any time. 

100 Plus Ori A 1.5L

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 It is thirst-quenching and caffeine-free, specially formulated to help restore what the body has lost during physical exertion and rehydrate the body to its optimal hydration balance.

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Traditional Lemonade

If you like old-school lemonade, this is the brew for you. Bundaberg Traditional Lemonade is a refreshing, full-bodied brew that delivers the ultimate quench for your thirst. Made with real Australian Eureka lemons, it’s brewed for 3 days to extract maximum, zesty flavour.

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Root Beer

Savour the taste of the past and the excitement of the future in one magnificent brew (two if you count the equally delicious diet version). Our Root Beer is right at home in the Classic Bundaberg bottle. 

Bundaberg Root Beer is made to a genuine family recipe with real sarsaparilla root, liquorice root, vanilla beans and molasses giving it that rich, unique colour and flavour. 

Brewed for over three days to extract maximum flavour our Root Beer delivers a nostalgic experience like no other. Enjoy straight from the bottle, over ice, or mix it up by adding some fresh lime and mint for a flavour infusion like no other.

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Ginger Beer

Our famous Bundaberg Ginger Beer is Australia’s favourite. Craft brewed from a family recipe that’s been handed down from generation to generation, it’s the jewel in the crown at Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.

Made with the finest, locally grown ginger and sugarcane, there’s simply no compromise in ingredients or quality. It’s the real deal! That’s why it takes our expert brewers up to three days to brew every batch, ensuring maximum flavour in every bottle. 

And what a bottle it is! In the classic  Bundaberg shape topped with the iconic rip cap. Before you pop one open, hold it upside down and you can actually see the real brewed ginger pieces forming a flavour-filled cloud.

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Apple Cider

Our Apple Cider brewed soft drink is made the old school way. Crafted with apples picked from selected orchards, it’s brewed to an authentic recipe extracting a delicious, nostalgic taste

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The moment you pop the top on our premium Passionfruit brew, you can smell it from metres away. Real, natural and unique, just wait until you taste this star of our sparkling selection.

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100 Pluss is a lightly carbonated, isotonic thirst quenching drink formulated to restore what the body loses during physical exertion and to help achieve optimum hydration and electrolyte balance.